Save the universe 3 minutes at a time! Team up with other players in real time for the hottest co-op action on mobile devices.

Defend space stations, attack TOXON strongholds, and more as you help Dash defeat the galaxy’s baddest foes. Saving the universe isn’t easy, but when your friends join the fight, it’s a lot more fun!


  • F2P Sci-Fi Action Adventure

  • Live 3-Player Co-Op with Offline Play

  • Live 6-Player PvP Battle Mode

  • Collectable Items for Customization

  • Powerful Synergy Abilities

  • Unique Loot System that Rewards Teamwork

Dash Galactic: Volume 1

Join Dash and the Galactic Knights as they explore beyond The Known Universe!

Follow along as Dash blows stuff up and his knights try to put it back together. And the chickens...
Where are those chickens?