Version 3.4 Patch Notes - 27 August 2018

Updated Watchtower Missions:

  • Watchtower missions have been updated with new characters and dialogue.

Version 3.3 Patch Notes - 6 August 2018

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • New Daily Reward system! Collect better rewards each day!
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 3.2 Patch Notes - 14 May 2018

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • Added GDPR compliance permissions.
  • General polish and other bug fixes.

Version 3.1 Patch Notes - 28 March 2018

New Features:

  • Charge your Fighters!
    • During your opponent's turn tap and hold your fighters to give them a power boost!
  • Chance Encounters!
    • When starting an Arena battle, look out for an encounter with Gambles the Goblin and the chance to earn extra gems!

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • Bug Fixes & Polish
    • Selecting Auto-Play during a battle no longer makes it the default setting at the start of subsequent battles.
    • Updated how Daily Rewards are presented.
    • Updated the Battle Map interface to improve clarity.
    • Updated some tutorial sequences and added a few new ones to better introduce game features.

Version 3.0 Patch Notes - 26 February 2018

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • Game Progression

    • Removed the Castle progression system. It has been replaced with a global Player XP value.
    • Added new progression rewards for each Player Level gained
    • Revised Campaign content & overall progression
    • Temporarily disabled Elite Tournament content
  • Fighter Changes

    • Evolving fighters now requires gold
    • Fighters no longer require revival if knocked out during battles
    • The Dark Stone no longer automatically revives the character equipping the item. Instead the character gains a massive boost to both Power and Health.
  • Battle Changes

    • Battle boosts may now be selected during battles. Multiple boosts may be used in single-player battles.
    • Autoplay now doubles battle speed
  • Bug Fixes & Polish

    • Much of the game's user interface has been revamped.
    • This update also includes various bug fixes and myriad polishes.

Version 2.6 Patch Notes - 16 September 2016

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • New Rewards UI & Logic

    • We've updated how rewards are collected from Alliance battles and Arena Trophy Tournaments to improve the clarity of reward allocation.
  • Other changes

    • Fixed a bug occurring with random targeted attacks to ensure that targeting is random.

    • Fixed a bug on Parry so the effect is always removed after any Evade.

    • Fixed a bug with Weaken & Shrink to correct the Power reduction calculation when both effects are applied at the same time.

    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Massacre and Rally effects from being restored if a fighter returns to battle after a KO.

    • Activating "Revive & Continue" during battles will now end the current round.

    • Updated the logic associated with timeouts due to inactivity. Battles running in auto-mode will no longer timeout. Also increased the allowed inactive duration to 15 minutes.

    • Various other issues also resolved.

Version 2.5 Patch Notes - 29 August 2016

New Features:

  • World Events return!

    • Defending the Realm has never been more fun! Face off against waves of event enemies, with more & better rewards the further you progress!
    • New Battle Boost "Pirate Curse" now available for poisoning humans on an epic scale!
  • New intro animations!

    • Your allies and enemies now enter battles with flair!
    • Tip of that hat to animation pro Alex Colgan for his yeoman's work on what seemed like a thankless task. Many thanks are now yours!
  • Mass Recycle menu

    • By request we added a new menu to the Workshop that allows you to easily clear your inventory while gaining heaps of Gold!
  • New Shop Items added

    • Several new bundles have been added to the Shop, providing more options for your hard earned cash!

User Interface Improvements

  • Tutorial choice!

    • After the conclusion of the intro battle and cinematics, players can now continue to the Campaign or jump right into multiplayer Arena. Arena battles now unlock at Castle level 1.
  • Miscellaneous UI updates

    • Returned the round counter and overhead health bars to battles. Also updated the Sudden Death feedback. See below for more on the Sudden Death changes.

    • Added a Help overlay to the Barracks, Workshop, and all Battle menus.

    • Added time stamps to private messages.

    • Fixed an issue that could cause blank entries in the Chat menu.

    • Updated the Raid Log to remove Raid Boosts from transaction history. The log now only reflects revive and continue costs, allowing the transaction log to be purely a show of contributions.

    • Many other UI fixes & improvements.

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • Optimized all 3D environments for improved performance and reduced loading times.

  • Moved the Sudden Death mechanic much earlier in battles and scaled its impact. Sudden Death will now begin at Round 11, inceasing the base Power stat of all fighters by 10% each round until the battle ends.

  • Increased the percentage of all Weaken, Expose, and Buff effects from 25% to 50%.

  • Fixed a bug on Bolt Bot's Cripple Bolt. Both versions now always apply Slow correctly.

  • Fixed a bug on Brute's Angry Bash ability and another on Fists of Fury (and other random targeting abilities) that showed up against enemy teams that could Evade.

  • Fixed a bug on the Massacre and Rally traits that allowed allies to keep the team-wide buff when the source had been Disrupted.

  • Added Speed Boost to the list of effects the Imp's Paw and Wish ability can apply.

  • Increased the hit area of enemies to help avoid issues with activating attacks.

  • Increased the time the game can be left idle before disconnect. Should help resolve any timeouts related to watching ads.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Android users to lose audio when changing device focus.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Android users from continuing the game after the intro cinematic.

  • Many other assorted bug fixes.

Version 2.3 Patch Notes - 15 July 2016

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • Restored some UI messaging in the Chat Menu. Also added language-specific chat rooms.

  • Corrected some issues with the Fighter crate icons that were causing confusion.

  • Fixed a bug on the Robo-Knight's Quickening trait that allowed Speed Boost effects to persist to new battles. Also updated a number of other abilities that could cause similar problems. This should correct the negative AP issues and some potential desynch/disconnects.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Flame Charge ability from providing a second Charge point when targeting injured enemies.

  • Fixed a bug on Necromancy so it revives allies correctly.

  • Resolved an issue with Fighter crates that could potentially cause disconnections and lost crates.

  • Fixed a bug causing issues with the friend online & offline notification system.

  • Players can now watch ads in the Shop to earn free Gems.

Version 2.2 Patch Notes - 16 June 2016

New Features:

  • Localized Versions!

    • Might & Mayhem now supports Spanish, French, Italian, and German languages.
  • New Fighter Collection System!

    • Fighters will no longer automatically unlock at each Castle Level, and can no longer be acquired via World Events. Instead characters will be unlocked in a similar manner to the current Item Crate system. Upgrading the Castle will increase the pool of characters available for unlock via Fighter Crate. Duplicate characters provide experience to the fighter found. With the exception of a few special characters, all 50+ playable fighters will join the available character pool via Castle upgrade.
    • Fighters now have 3 evolutions and 3 different rarities. Fighter traits no longer upgrade. Fighters can be evolved to Rare at Level 25 and Elite at Level 50. Elite fighters unlock with 3 item slots and both active abilities upgraded. Rare fighters begin at their second evolution with 2 item slots and an upgraded ability. All other fighters begin at base evolution and 1 item slot unlocked.
    • The fighter level cap is now 100.
    • To better align with this new system we updated with the abilities of many characters, adding more synergies and better improvements with each evolution. Full details below.
  • Item Rebalance!

    • Items no longer upgrade into other unique items. Instead each item can be improved to gain statistics better than a more rare, base-level item of equivalent effect. As a result, the stats of all items have been adjusted.
    • The Dust currency has been removed. Instead items will now be upgraded / recycled for Gold.
  • Auto-Leveling!

    • Fighters will gain experience, ie. Orbs, automatically at the conclusion of battles, and winning battles will still provide Orbs for use in the Barracks to further boost your fighters.
  • New Daily Rewards!

    • The single battle boost daily login reward now provides a greater bounty of booty options!
  • Double XP!

    • A new “Double XP” event has been added to the rotation of Sale events. Want to earn extra Orbs from each battle? Check back often so you don’t miss it!
    • Double XP boost has also been added to the list of available Alliance Boosts.

Character & Ability changes:

The Pirates have arrived! Reach Castle Level 9 for the chance to meet Black Beard and his crew.

Black Beard:
  • 1AP “Combo Strike” - Single target attack provides a Combo Point. 5AP “Flintlock Shot” - Single target high damage w/ cost reduced by 1 for each Combo Point; “Marauder” (trait) - Attacks cannot be evaded and each attack has the chance to Steal a positive effect.
Anchor Annie:
  • 3AP “Anchors Away” - Multi-target attack w/ Stun chance; 5AP “Dizzying Blow” - Single target high damage + Slow; “Rally” (trait) - Each enemy ability used in a round reduces damage allies receive.
  • 3AP “Impale” - Single target attack with Stun chance; 4AP “Pile Driver” - Single target attack that gives self Speed Boost; “Trap” (trait) - Enemies gain Slow from attacking this character.
Dagger Crew:
  • 1AP “Disembowel” - Single target attack with chance to Slow; 3AP “Blade Storm” - Multi-target attack with a chance to give allies Speed Boost; “Counter” (trait) - Enemies take damage from attacking this character.

Other character / Ability changes:

  • Lord Bot had his “Counter” trait replaced with new trait, “Dynamo,” which provides a stack of Speed Boost each time this character takes damage.

  • Realmcrush had his “Regeneration” trait replaced with new trait, “Massacre,” which provides a big Power boost to allies while he remains upright.

  • Robo-Knight’s “Bloodlust” trait replaced with new trait, “Quickening,” which gives all allies Speed Boost when this fighter KOs an enemy.

  • Blacksmith’s ability “Vital Hammer” no longer provides healing until evolved. Blacksmith also had its “Invigorate” trait replaced with new trait, “Vitality,” which heals all allies when this character damages enemies.

  • Bone Dragon’s ability “Gnash” has been replaced with “Ankle Biter,” which damages a single enemy and provides healing back to self. When evolved to “Ankle Biter II,” attacks will also give self Misdirection, which absorbs damage dealt to allies for the remainder of the round.

  • Brute’s “Fists of Fury” ability no longer has a chance to Stun until evolved.

  • The second combo point gained from “Combo Strike II” is no longer chance based. Instead it requires target to already have taken damage that round. Affects Goblin Warrior, Blackbeard.

  • Demon Wing’s “Dust Storm II” now has a chance to Slow enemies instead of giving allies Buff.

  • “Quick Attack II” no longer has a chance to gain a second +1AP. Instead it gains 50% damage increase if used as first attack that round. Affects Demon Wing, Lancer, Spider Bot.

  • Bandit Girl’s ability “Gutsy II” no longer gains an improved critical chance. Instead it will deal critical damage to Injured targets.

  • The Dark Archer ability “Barrage II” no longer Exposes enemies; instead it will gain a critical damage chance. “Sidewinder II” will no longer gain an improved critical chance when evolved. Instead damage chance increases to 100% to targets afflicted with Stun.

  • The “Stagger II,” “Impale II,” and “Electric Web II” abilities no longer gain an improved Stun chance when evolved. Instead they will apply Slow to any targets not Stunned. Affects Giant, SOLO, Lancer, Spider Bot.

  • Shield Keeper’s “Shield Blast II” ability no longer has a chance to Weaken all enemies. Instead it Weakens the target.

  • The Goblin Medic has become far less predictable: “Rusty Blade II” no longer gains increased Poison damage; instead he has the chance to apply a random negative status effect. “Bad Medicine” no longer Poisons, but always applies a random negative status effect. When evolved, the chance drops to 50%, for the chance of a huge heal with no drawback.

  • Bomb Goblin’s “Demolition II” no longer damages allies.

  • Both Priestess abilities had their minor upgrade removed upon evolution. Instead “Mark of Light II” gains the chance to Immunize its target. When Priestess uses “Lightwave II,” she gives allies a shield in addition to healing.

  • Witch Doctor’s ability “Remedy” now gains an improved critical healing chance for each negative status effect on the target.

  • Instead of gaining an improved citical damage chance, Hellkite’s “Flame Blast II” will now gain increased critical chance to targets with reduced health.

  • Instead of gaining increased Poison damage, “Acid Spit II” will now Expose targets already Poisoned. Affects Dream Lurker, Swamp Dragon.

  • Instead of gaining increased Poison damage, “Acid Cloud II” will now provide a chance to Expose each enemy. Affects Plant Thing & Corrodus.

  • Bolt Bot’s “Cripple Bolt II” no longer has the chance to apply additional Slow stacks. Instead it deals critical damage to targets with Slow.

  • Vampire Bat’s “Life Leech” ability still applies the Life Leech effect, but no longer deals any direct damage until evolved to “Life Leech II.”

  • The second charge point from Phoenix’ “Flame Charge II” is no longer chance based. Instead it gains the additional point only if attacking Injured targets.

  • Scarecrow’s ability “Oblivion II” no longer gains improved Doom chance. Instead chance to apply Doom increases as target health decreases.

  • The Execute threshold on the “Death Ray II,” “Execute II” & “Guillotine II” abilities has been increased. Affects Executioner, SOLO, Dwarf.

  • “Speed Strike” had its chance to gain Speed Boost reduced. Affects Lesser Vampire.

  • Traakk has gained evolutions! Less evolved Swamp Walkers can now be found in Fighter Crates.

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • “Realm Defender” World Events have been suspended until further notice. We plan to revisit how these work, but they will be back and loot will surely follow.

  • New Arena Environment added: Skull Island!

  • Updated the Main Menu island to help improve the style and user experience.

  • Added a few contextual tutorials to Watchtower zone to aid new players.

  • Tooltips now display colored text for damage and heals.

  • And because we know what you all really want… some sweet new bug fixes (which of course cannot be named).

Version 2.1 Patch Notes - 5 April 2016

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • Rebuilt all the game menus and user interfaces to support localization. Many new languages will be added soon!

  • The Bandit Blitz ability no longer Injures all enemies. It will now Expose all enemies instead.

  • The Life Leech effect will now be removed from KO’d characters.

  • The triumphant return of Map Chests!

  • Addressed multiple server issues related to disconnects, desyncs, and friend online/offline notifications. Many other bug fixes also added.

Version 1.40 Patch Notes - 21 December 2015

  • We’ve added support for Amazon devices. Welcome to Mayhem, Amazonians!

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • The Tutorial has been updated with some new enemies in the Watchtower missions and some minor tweaks to the messaging and the ‘on-rails’ sequence.

  • “Next Mission” button added to Campain mission tally screens so players can quickly jump into the next battle without having to return to the Battle Map.

Version 1.38 Patch Notes - 27 November 2015

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some iOS players from launching the game.

  • Corrected an issue that could cause the Raid Log to appear empty.

  • Resolved an exploit allowing modding game files to allow access to various developer commands. All affected accounts have been rolled back or deleted (at our discretion) as the exploit violated the Terms of Service agreement.

Version 1.36 Patch Notes - 24 November 2015

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • Boosting fighters with Orbs now takes the same length of time for each level, regardless of the number of Orbs needed to boost to the next level.

  • The cost to create an Alliance has been reduced to 500 Gems. However, new Alliances will no longer be seeded with Gems in their Alliance Vault.

  • After leaving an Alliance, players must wait 24 hours before joining a new Alliance.

  • During the opponent’s turn, tapping on character icons now consistently displays the tapped character’s info panel.

  • Fixed a bug on the Guardian trait that allowed guardians to take take damage while a Stone or Statue effect is active.

  • Fixed a bug that could occur when the abilities of both Jester’s Cape and Voodoo Doll were activated on the same attack.

  • Updated Alliance Roles to function as originally intended. The buffs provided by each role now only apply to the player team with the selected role, not all player teams in the Alliance. Furthermore, the Healer role had its per round Healing bonus reduced from 5% to 3%, and the healing bonus granted to each healer in battle has been reduced from 100% to 50%.

  • Fixed a bug that caused fighters equipped with Offense or Defense Boost items to gain health after disconnecting and then reconnecting to Raid battles.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause transformed characters to not display on the Tally screen after a battle.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause transformed characters to remain permanently transformed after after disconnecting and then reconnecting to a battle.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause summoned Alliance enemies to become unselectable if the character it replaced was knocked out while transformed.

  • Fixed a bug with Witch Doctor’s Polymorph ability that could cause the target to turn into very low-health Bullfrog when the attack damage should have KO’d the target. This fix also affects the Fowl Rattle.

  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect Alliance Battle data to display in the raid log when disconnects and reconnects occur.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause abilities to become unselectable in Alliance Raid battles.

  • Dreadnaughts no longer have the chance to spawn in Heroic & Champion difficulties on the “Bot Swarm” raid battle. The difficulty of the battles has been adjusted accordingly.

  • The recommended levels of Heroic and Champion difficulties in the “Immortal Manor” Alliance Raid have been reduced. Also, several abilities in the “Doom Dealers” raid battle have been adjusted to reduce the difficulty of the encounter.

  • Overpower II had its damage increased.

  • Cripple Bolt had it damage increased, and its Slow chance reduced to 50%. Cripple Bolt II is not affected by this change.

  • The Urmuk had its offense statistic reduced.

  • KO’d fighters should no longer rotate after a knockout blow.

Version 1.35 Patch Notes - Updated 19 October 2015

New Features:

  • New Halloween Content!

    • New Alliance Raid “Immortal Manor” featuring an epic battle against Dracula! He’s tough enough when you first encounter him… but you DO NOT want to meet his true form! Alliances will battle through 3 new encounters to unlock a new collection of Raid-exclusive items!
    • New World Event “Bloody Hell!” featuring 2 playable characters, Scarecrow & Lesser Vampire, and a new super powerful battle boost!
    • All Halloween content is here for a limited time only, so dig it before it’s done!
  • Arena Tournament!

    • Battle in the Arena for glory… and rewards! The Arena Tournament is here. Earn trophies by winning battles in the Arena. At the end of each 2-week Season, the players in the top 10% of trophies earned will receive Gem rewards. All players who participate will also receive crates and chests for reaching Trophy thresholds during the season.
  • New Chat Menu!

    • The chat menu has been updated with improved functionality and accessibility. It now displays as a full-screen overlay with tabs for online friends, both Global & Alliance chat, and private messages. Also, all announcements from Kiz will now display at the top of the Chat Menu. The Chat Menu can now be opened from the Alliance menus and in all Battle modes!
  • Cinematic Cameras

    • After a rough implementation in the last update, we have added customized Cinematic Cameras for all playable characters. Each attack has a chance to activate its camera. The Cinematic Camera can be disabled in the Settings menu.
  • Auto-Confirm Target Selection

    • By request, we have added a feature that allows players to confirm their target selection in battles. Auto-Confirm will remain the default setting, however players who prefer more deliberate play can disable Auto-Confirm in the Settings menu.
  • Auto-Play

    • Players can now have the AI determine ability selection for their team. During Campaign and World Event battles, you can find an Auto-Play toggle above the ability selectors. Tap the button to toggle on the Auto-Play feature and let QuestBot do the thinking for you!

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • Added confirmation dialogue to most Gem purchases.

  • Updated the costs of The Urmuk’s abilities so fewer can be used each round.

  • Updated hit boxes for improved fighter selection in battles.

  • Updated Castle Upgrade menu so it once again displays Gold cost to upgrade.

  • Equipping Offense or Defense Boost items will now display the relevant stat changes in the Barracks and other non-battle ability tooltips.

  • The items required for Shadow Cat to reach evolutions II & III have been updated for more consistency with other character evolve item tiers.

  • The Stealth effect now has a duration; it will expire after 4 rounds.

  • Stone Spikes had its damage reflection percentage reduced. Damage reflection on Stone Spikes II remains unchanged, but the ability no longer has a chance to apply the Trap status effect to its target.

  • Bite II now has a chance to Time Warp the first time it is used each round.

  • The Life Drain trait had its healing effect increased from 24% to 30%, and Life Drain II had its healing effect increased from 30% to 50%.

  • Corrected the target description on the Swamp Gas battle boost, and reduced its AP cost from 2 to 1.

  • Fixed a bug on Guardian that caused it to ignore damage from Combo attacks. Also fixed a bug on Guardian that could cause inconsistent damage absorption values when the Guardian character was tapped when activating area attacks.

  • Fixed a bug on the Necromancy trait that caused issues with the Death Defy trait.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Workshop item order to get shuffled after recycling a stack of items.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Alliance role effects from being removed after a KO or transform.

Version 1.34 Patch Notes - Updated 14 August 2015

New Features:

  • New Main Menu

    • We have updated the game’s main menu to improve accessibility throughout the game, while also creating a gorgeous new scene layout! In addition to new castles and a new Barracks, you can now also visit the Shop building, the Workshop, the Alliance building, and a new Goldmine (with passive gold collection!), all from the Main Menu.
  • New Map Room

    • The world and zone maps are now presented in a 3D map room, which really helps pull you into the game!
  • Sales!

    • We have implemented a variety of potential discounts throughout the game. Log in often so you never miss a sale!
    • Notifications of new Sales will appear on the Main Menu UI and in the Mailbox at the top of the Main Menu.
    • Also, now everyone gets a free Elite Tournament entry! Awesome!

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • We have found a temporary resolution for the Arena/Duel crash reported by iOS players. The bug appears to be the result of an incompatibility between our Unity game engine and Apple’s new Metal graphics API. We have built the app to an older universal graphics API to resolve the issue on our end until Apple releases a patch for Metal.

  • Shiny new QuestBot!

    • QuestBot has received an upgrade, providing him access to the 3rd dimension. Science!
  • The Alliance leaderboard can now be viewed from the Main Menu leaderboard button.

  • When the Alliance Raid cooldown timer has more than 25 hours remaining, the Alliance timer now displays hours in addition to days.

  • The Holo-Disk item no longer allow a fighter to transform into the same character on consecutive attacks.

  • Many sweeping changes to abilities, items, and status effects have been implemented. Most applied status effects no longer have their values derived from a character’s stats, and instead use static percentages. Read on below for the full change list!

Character changes:

  • Alpha Werewolf

    • Gnash III had its damage & heal values increased.
    • Eviscerate III had its critical damage replaced with a 30% Execute chance.
    • Also received a new texture
  • Lava Dragon

    • Lava Blast III no longer Enrages enemies.
    • Infernal Rage III had its base damage greatly increased and its critical damage removed.
  • Acid Dragon

    • Smokescreen III had its Slow effect increased from 1 to 2.
    • Life Drain III trait now converts 100% of damage into health.

Ability changes:

  • Acid Cloud I & II

    • AP cost has been reduced from 4 to 3.
    • Affects Plant Thing, Swamp Dragon
  • Adrenaline

    • Now stacks up to 10 times, increasing offense by 10% for each 10% of health lost. The evolved version reduces damage received by 50% when health is below 25%.
    • Affects Fenris, Rabid Wolf, Shaman Koh
  • Bandit Blitz / Burning Bile

    • Now has a 50% chance to apply Injury. The chance for the evolved version remains at 100%.
    • Affects Bandit Girl, Death Maw
  • Barrage II

    • Now always increases target's damage taken by 25% for 1 round.
    • Affects Dark Archer
  • Bash II

    • Now always increases target's damage taken by 25% for 1 round.
    • Affects Executioner
  • Bloodlust

    • Effect now always provides a 100% increase in offense for the next ability used. Now also provides Time Warp after a KO, allowing the ability used for the KO to be used a second time this turn.
    • Affects Lorcan, Robo-Knight
  • Bonebreaker

    • Now has a 50% chance to apply Injury. The chance for the evolved version remains at 100%. Bonebreaker also had its damage reduced, and its cost reduced from 3 to 2.
    • Affects Orc Thug, Faceless Knight
  • Claw

    • Ambush removed from base ability; gains Ambush when evolved to Claw II.
    • Affects Dark Wolf, Shadow Cat
  • Cleanse & Purify (Battle Boosts)

    • In addition to Cleansing their targets, these boosts will always increase target’s offense by 25% for 1 round.
  • Cloaking Daggers II

    • Also gains the Stealth status effect after attacking.
    • Affects Banditron
  • Conceal

    • Reduced damage reduction from area attacks from 100% to 75%. The Meditate buff has been removed. Instead, the evolved version gains Stealth if the fighter does not attack this round.
    • Affects Bolt Bot, Vampire Bat
  • Counter

    • Had its damage increased.
    • Affects Goblin Warrior, Lord Bot
  • Dispel & Mass Dispel (Battle Boosts)

    • In addition to Dispelling their targets, these boosts will always increases target’s damage taken by 25% for 1 round.
  • Dust Storm II

    • Now always increases offense for all allies by 25%, and lasts 1 round. The effect no longer stacks.
    • Affects Demon Wing
  • Gnash

    • Increased heal value to 75% of damage on the base ability, and increasing to 100% for the evolved ability.
    • Affects Bone Dragon, Lorcan
  • Head Butt

    • Increased damage on the base ability, and improved the stun chance when evolved.
  • Howl

    • Now always increases offense for all allies by 25%, and lasts 1 round. The effect no longer stacks. The evolved ability also Exposes enemies by 25% for 1 round.
    • Affects Dark Wolf, Rabid Wolf
  • Immunity I & II

    • No longer provides immunity only to Injury and Poison; instead it now protects against all negative status effects. Chance to resist negative status effects begins at 40%, and increases to 60% when evolved.
    • Affects Dream Lurker, Swamp Dragon
  • Impale

    • AP Cost has been reduced from 4 to 3.
    • Affects Lancer
  • Inferno / Thermic Blast

    • Now has a 50% chance to apply Injury. The chance for the evolved version remains at 100%.
    • Affects Fire Drake, Swamp Dragon
  • Melt Armor II

    • Increased Expose duration by several rounds.
    • Affects Hellkite
  • Overpower

    • Had its base damage increased.
    • Affects Big Chief
  • Prime II - No longer increases buff value. Instead AP Cost has been reduced from 1 to 0.

    • Affects Bomb Goblin
  • Pummel

    • Now has a 50% chance to apply Weaken. The chance for the evolved version remains at 100%.
    • Affects Orc Thug
  • Repair II

    • Cleanse chance increased to 100%.
    • Affects Blacksmith
  • Repulse

    • Now always increases each attacker’s damage taken by 25% for 1 round.
  • Shield Blast II

    • Now has a 50% chance to apply Weaken. The chance for the evolved version remains at 100%.
    • Affects Shield Keeper
  • Shimmy

    • Now always increases target’s damage taken by 25% for 1 round.
    • Affects Fat Rat
  • Shiv

    • No longer applies Poison. Instead deals direct damage, using Combo stacks to increase damage value. Evolved version gains Stun for attacks with the maximum 5 Combo stacks.
    • Affects Goblin Warrior
  • Shred II

    • Now always increases target’s damage taken by 25% for 1 round.
    • Affects Banditron
  • Slash II

    • Now has only a 50% chance to apply Injury.
    • Affects Swordsman
  • Stagger

    • Had its base damage increased.
    • Affects Giant, SOLO
  • Subjugate

    • Now has a 50% chance to apply Weaken. The chance for the evolved version remains at 100%.
    • Affects Dragon Cyborg
  • Sunder

    • Now has a 50% chance to apply Weaken. The chance for the evolved version remains at 100%.
    • Affects Dwarf, Giant
  • Super Slice

    • Now has a 50% chance to apply Injury. The chance for the evolved version remains at 100%.
    • Affects Robo-Knight
  • Swamp Curse

    • Instead of converting any applied Injury into Poison, now adds Poison to Injured targets.
    • Affects Traakk
  • Vital Hammer

    • Removed the Injury effect from Vital Hammer II. Instead now heals for 75% of damage on the base ability. Healing value increases to 100% for the evolved ability.
    • Affects Blacksmith
  • Unstoppable II

    • No longer Weakens attackers. In addition to base immunities, now adds immunities to Doom and Slow when evolved.
    • Affects Orc Thug

Status Effect changes:

  • Adrenaline

    • Now stacks up to 10 times, increasing offense by 10% for each 10% of health lost. The evolved version reduces damage received by 50% when health is below 25%.
  • Ambush

    • Now always provides a 60% increase to offense..
  • Bloodlust

    • Now always provides a 100% increase in offense for the next ability used.
  • Buff

    • Now always increases offense by 25%, and lasts 1 round. Effect no longer stacks.
  • Enrage

    • Each stack now provides an offense increase of 25% for the next ability used. Effects can stack up to 4 times.
  • Expose

    • Now always increases damage taken by 25%. The effect still lasts 1 round, but no longer stacks.
  • Injury

    • Now always reduces healing by 50%, and lasts 1 round. Effects no longer stack.
    • Injury no longer subtracts its value from a Heal’s value, which could result in Heals for 0. Now Injury simply halves the value of a heal.
  • Prime

    • Now always increases offense by 30% for each stack. Existing Prime stacks have no effect on the Prime ability.
  • Weaken

    • Now always reduces offense by 25%, and lasts 1 round. Effects no longer stack.

Note: Status effects that directly apply damage or healing and derive their value from the offense statistic now always use the fighter’s base offense stat (the offense value at battle start).

Item changes:

  • The chain of Shield items no longer use the Guardian ability, and instead now provide the Protect, which reduces incoming damage to the character equipping the item by percentages that increase with rarity.

  • Items in the Enrage, Expose, Injury and Weaken chains no longer apply effects with values derived by offense/damage output. Instead they always use the standard values listed above, with the rarity of each item improving the chance of applying the effect.

  • Life Drain, Sacrifice, Invigorate, Counter and Poison items will continue to derive their applied values based on the current offense stat.

  • The specific values for most items have received minor adjustments for more consistency throughout.

Welcome to Might & Mayhem! Here’s what’s new in v1.33:

An updated Tutorial with an all-new intro cinematic! - Join Sorcerer and Knight Errant in their fight to stop King Dragon!

Join with friends in Might & Mayhem Alliances! - Create an Alliance, add friends, and battle for the fate of the Realm! - Team up to fight epic horde battles and massive bosses!

And so much more!

The full patch notes can always be found here:

Version 1.33 Patch Notes - Updated 10 July 2015

New Features:

  • Updated Tutorial with All-New Intro cinematic!

    • Join Sorcerer and Knight Errant in their fight to stop King Dragon!
  • Join with friends in Might & Mayhem Alliances!

    • Create an Alliance, add friends, and battle for the fate of the Realm!
    • Team up to fight epic horde battles and massive bosses!
    • Alliances include: Powerful new enemies and abilities! Gorgeous new environments! 2 brand new Battle Boosts! 30+ amazing new items to collect!
  • Revive & Continue!

    • Both Campaign and Alliance battles allow players to continue a single battle without returning to the menus.
  • Unequip Items!

    • When players remove items equipped to characters, instead of destroying the item, equipped items can now be removed and added back to the workshop for a Gem cost.
  • New Battle Menu:

    • The battle button on the main menu now takes players to the Battle Menu, which provides easy-access to all battle-types.
  • Tooltips, tooltips! Everywhere, tooltips!

    • A new global tooltip system has been implemented. Any icon with available information (ie. abilities, fighters, items, etc.) will display a small tooltip when tapped. Tap anywhere to close the tooltip.
  • Like us on Facebook!

    • Keep your eyes peeled for a special Facebook offer! Follow the link to Like us on Facebook and we’ll add 50 gems to your account!

Battle Changes:

  • New Battle Camera

    • The in-battle camera has been updated to be smoother and more accurate in all battle environments.
  • Selecting and Activating abilities:

    • The process for activating abilities has been streamlined. Begin by selecting your character and the desired ability (in most cases the game AI will make an initial selection). Then to activate the ability, players now tap on their target.
    • Tapping the ability button twice to attack a current or default target is no longer supported.

Progression changes:

  • Campaign:

    • The overall difficulty of the first 3 maps has been significantly reduced.
    • The Gold cost to upgrade Castle levels has been reduced.
    • The amount of gold awarded throughout the campaign has been reduced.
    • The Crossroads and Banditwood maps have been swapped.
    • Many new campaign enemies have been sprinkled into the campaign, and most enemy teams have been shuffled on all maps.
    • Priestess & Swordsman are no longer available as starting fighters.
    • New item “Dark Stone” unlocked by defeating King Dragon the first time on Normal difficulty.
  • Newly unlocked fighters no longer have their level set to the average of the top 3 fighters owned. Instead, new fighters will have their level set to the average of ALL fighters owned.

Fighter & Ability changes:

  • First Strike:

    • The First Strike trait & First Strike items no longer provide a free first ability. Instead the cost of the first ability used each battle will be reduced by 3 AP.
    • First Strike II no longer provides a small Evade chance. Instead fighters with the First Strike II trait begin the battle with Stealth.
  • Bandit Blitz I & II and Burning Bile I & II had their Injury effects reduced slightly, and their AP cost reduced from 4 to 3.

  • Single target abilities with area effects:

    • Any ability that includes an effect targeting all enemies cannot be evaded, even if that ability targets a single character.
    • Affected abilities include Bellyflop II, Lightning Strike II, and Shield Blast II.
    • Affected characters who also have equipped items that apply effects based on a percentage of damage applied (ie. Poison or Weaken items) will now have those item effect values applied correctly.
  • Conceal & Conceal II now always have a 100% chance to avoid AoE damage. The Meditate buff gained from Conceal II has also been increased.

  • Melt Armor I & II had their Expose value decreased, and both now apply damage.

  • The damage multiplier used when Nightmare I & II target sleeping fighters has been increased.

  • Parry no longer applies stacks. While this change was implemented in the last update, we missed it in the 1.32 patch notes. All references to stacks in the game copy have been removed in this update. Also the Parry status effect is now correctly removed after an evade.

  • The Battery trait now only has a 50% chance to provide +1 AP at the start of each round. Battery II always provides +1 AP, but no longer has a chance to provide an additional AP.

  • The base offense and defense stats of Infernus and Corrodus have been adjusted (this change also affects the summoned fighters Lava Dragon & Acid Dragon).

    • Both Infernus & Lava Dragon had slight reduction in offense and a slight increase in health.
    • Both Corrodus and Acid Dragon had a slight increase in offense and a slight reduction in health.

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • The Barracks menu has been updated to show items on the main info panel. Fighter Skins can be accessed by tapping the icon above the character models.

  • When choosing battle teams, both abilities and equipped items can now be viewed on the Fighter Select menu.

  • Friends list has been increased back to the original 100 friend maximum.

  • Fixed an issue with Howl so it applies Buff correctly to all allies. Also fixed some inconsistent behavior whenever effects that increase the offense stat are applied.

  • Fixed an issue with Phoenix’ Charge points sometimes not getting allocated or removed properly. The Phoenix’ Firestorm now applies damage correctly to all targets.

  • Fixed several issues with the Disrupt ability not correctly disabling traits and items.

  • Fixed a bug on the Nine Lives II trait so a character that defies death receives Shroud correctly.

  • When summoned ghosts survive a battle, fixed an issue with the original character returning on the Victory screen. Read on for more about Summoned ghosts vs. Transformed fighters:

    • Transform items like Fowl Rattle, Blood of the Wyrm, Fang of the Lycan, Jester’s Cape, and Transform abilities like Polymorph, Devour, Poultrify all have effects that last a specified amount of time or rounds. Transforms can be Cleansed, and after a KO, can be revived.
    • Summoned Ghosts, however, do not function the same. After the original character is KO’d, if a Summon item (Voz’Ra’s Skull or Eye of Al’Voz) is equipped, the Ghost will replace the original character. So if a character with a Summon item and its Ghost have both been KO’d, any attempt to revive will bring the Ghost back to the battle, not the original character. Similarly, equipping both a Summon and Reanimate item to the same character will nullify the Reanimate item on the original fighter. Also, Ghosts are now immune to Transforms.
  • Updated the word “Training” to “Revive.” Fighters still require Gold + time to Revive, and can still be revived instantly for Gems.

  • Revive, Reanimate, Necromancy, and Reincarnate all now have unique audio & visual effects.

  • The visual systems in battle have been improved, with custom effects for criticals & executes, improved character rotations, and more.

  • Status Effect icons now wrap below each character icon, so they take up less screen space.

  • Improved the enemy AI.

  • Many dialogue character images have been updated.

  • The Elite Tournament no longer provides loot bags for KO’ing enemies.

  • The Main Menu background now adjusts for night and day.

  • Note to current players:

    • A number of new contextual tutorials have been added. You may encounter these on several menus, but they should not recur once cleared.
    • Players who have already defeated King Dragon will not automatically receive the Dark Stone. Existing players can message to request the item be added to their account.

Version 1.32 Patch Notes - Updated 3 March 2015

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • The Leaderboard menu has been updated to display two lists: “Global” & “Friends.”

    • “Friends” will list your ranking among those players you have added as Friends.
    • “Global” displays the top 20 players in the world, as well as your current ranking. If you are ranked outside the top 20 players, your name will display at the end of the list.
    • In addition, your rank and trophy count will always be displayed on the footer of both lists.
  • Fixed several issues that were causing fighter animations and effects to sometimes stop playing mid-battle.

  • Fixed an bug causing abilities and battle boosts to sometimes become disabled and un-castable.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Stun effects and animations not to display after a fighter transforms.

  • Fixed a bug with Ghost items that caused the original KO’d fighter to return and play its victory animation if the Ghost survived the battle.

  • Fixed some graphical issues with the characters banners for King Dragon & DragonoTron-X.

  • Fixed an issue with the Trophy Hunter achievement tracking.

  • Fixed a bug on Defense Boost items that caused low-health fighters on winning teams to end battles with negative health.

  • Fixed an issue when Shaman Koh knocks out enemies that caused the KO’d fighter to play a hit animation and then their KO animation.

  • Fixed a bug with the Parry status effect icon not being removed after an Evade.

  • Improved the description (and corrected some erroneous copy) on the Poison items, which now state the percentage of poison damage added per round. Also corrected the Amp chance on Power Sphere.

  • Fixed a bug causing friends to appear online after they have logged out the game.

  • When a new update is pushed, device clients should now be directed to download the new update instead of getting an “Unable to connect” screen.

  • Resolved an issue that allowed future content data to be displayed in the Strategy Guide.

Version 1.31 Patch Notes - Updated 7 February 2015

New Features:

  • Refer-a-Friend!
    • Just like any good pyramid scheme, you are now able to refer friends for a special character and awesome rewards! There is no limit to how many friends you can add, so help us spread the word about this awesome game!

New Event:

  • New World Event: “Beasts Rise!”, which introduces 4 new fighters to the Mayhem:

    • Shaman Koh (Elite)
    • Phoenix
    • Vampire Bat
    • Shadow Cat
  • New abilities include:

    • Convert: swaps health with a single ally.
    • Chi Blast: high damage, low cost attack that also damages the attacker.
    • Flame Charge: damaging attack that generates a Charge point.
    • Firestorm: expends all Charge points to damage all enemies.
    • Reincarnate (trait): expends all Charge points to return to battle 1 round after a KO, with health determined by Charge points held upon KO. Requires 1+ Charge point to Reincarnate.
    • Life Leech: Poisons a single target for 4 rounds, and heals self for an equivalent amount until the effect expires.
    • Sonic Wave: damages a single target and disables both the target’s Trait and any Item effects for several rounds.
    • Nine Lives (trait): The first time this fighter takes a knockout blow, it defies death, and has its health set to 1 instead. Evolves to Shroud the fighter for the remainder of the round.
  • New Battle Boost!

    • Poultrify: Turn a single enemy into a Chicken for 2 rounds!

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • Friend codes will no longer change! Your unique friend code will be yours until the end of time!

  • Event Bundles

    • You can now purchase World Event fighter sets for Gems! Find them in the Shop or World Event page.
  • New Loading Screens!

    • Several new loading screens featuring a variety of different fighter teams will now randomly display each time the game is launched.
  • Character affiliations have been implemented for all fighters. These can now be viewed in the Barracks and also in battle by opening a fighter’s Info Panel. All characters now fit into one of the following categories:

    • Beast (includes Wolves & Werewolves)
    • Dragon
    • Orc (includes Goblins, Giant)
    • Robot
    • Human
    • Magical
  • Vicious Strike has been renamed Combo Strike.

  • Fixed the Boss trait to make it immune to the Bitten SE. Note: Boss is also now immune to the Disrupt effect (from Vampire Bat’s ‘Sonic Wave’ ability).

  • Fixed bug on Shrink that caused its Weaken effect not to apply.

  • Fixed bug on Hoard that caused it to not store AP. Also reverted the temporary fix (replacing Hoard with Battery), so Infernus and Fat Rat once again have the Hoard trait.

  • Fixed a bug in the “Howling Mad!” event that caused enemy humans to turn into werewolves several rounds too early.

  • Fixed a bug on Reanimate that allowed a KO’d enemy to reanimate after the battle had concluded, resulting in a defeat for the winning player.

  • Fixed issue that disabled tapping in the region directly above the ability buttons.

  • Fixed the issue with the game audio seeming too quiet.

  • Fixed a bug that caused some effects and/or Status Effect icons to appear later than intended.

  • Resolved occasional lag issue on swamp characters/environment.

  • Resolved some graphic effects issues.

Version 1.30 Patch Notes - Updated 7 January 2015

New Features:

  • The entire battle system has been refined. Players should notice fewer lag spikes (especially on round changes) and hopefully fewer disconnects in general. We can’t overstate how traumatic this change was to the game (and our development team). We hope to have made a noticeable and positive impact on the general stability of the game.

  • We have changed the way we handle connection issues in battles against both AI and human opponents:

    • In PvP battles the game AI will take over for a disconnected player. Upon reconnect, if the battle is still in progress, the disconnected player will rejoin the battle at its current round. If upon reconnect the battle has completed, the player will receive their results and any associated rewards. A total of 3 disconnects in the same battle will result in a forfeit.
    • Reconnects vs AI opponents will resume at the start of the round when the disconnect occured. As in PvP battles, a total of 3 disconnects in the same battle will result in a forfeit.
  • The AP counter now also displays (red) on the opponent’s turn, making it much easier to track each battle’s progress.

  • New Mythic Item “Jester’s Cape”:

    • Jesters Cape, when equipped, provides a chance to transform target into a random fighter!
  • There have been many Shader, UI, and FX improvements, including updated visuals for Frozen, Provoke & Shroud, a random target reticle, battle text UI… among others.

  • Added support for high resolution devices.

New Event:

  • New World Event: “Fight the Void!”, which introduces 4 new fighters to the Mayhem:

    • Traakk, the swamp walker
    • Plant Thing
    • Swamp Dragon
    • Death Maw
  • New abilities include:

    • Swamp Curse: converts any Injury effect into Poison.
    • Ravage: adds any Poison effects onto the ability’s base damage.
    • Tremors: a low cost ability that damages a random enemy; evolves to gain a Stun chance.
    • Foul Stench: a trait that poisons all enemies after the character is KO’d. Evolves to Slow all enemies after it is KO’d.
    • Health Spore: Heals a single character at the end of each round for 4 rounds.
  • New Battle Boost!

    • Immunize: Cleanses all allies and grants them immunity to negative effects for 5 rounds.

Fighter & Ability changes:

  • Status Effects:

    • A number of changes have been made to the way status effects (SE) function. Several abilities, like First Strike, now function as status effects. Positive SEs now have blue borders. Negative SEs now have red borders. SEs have been serialized to allow them to be reapplied upon reconnection to battles. Also, existing players should note that several status effect icons have changed, and new icons/effects added.
    • While their tooltips will each display unique names, all transforms are now technically classified by the Transform status effect.
  • Boss (new trait):

    • King Dragon and The Urmuk have had their Unstoppable traits replaced with the Boss trait. Boss prevents the following status effects: Stun, Sleep, Freeze, Statue, Transform, Doom, and Execute.
  • Unstoppable:

    • The Unstoppable trait now only prevents the following status effects: Stun, Sleep, Freeze, and Statue. Unstoppable no longer prevents transforms.
  • Discharge:

    • Bomb Goblin’s Discharge trait had its ally damage reduced and enemy damage increased. Crater’s Discharge II no longer deals any ally damage.
  • Fists of Fury:

    • Brute/Mauler’s Fists of Fury now targets a random opponent. It evolves to gain a good Stun chance.
  • Frenzy & Fireball

    • The tooltips for the abilities Frenzy & Fireball (which expend AP to increase damage) now display the actual damage values of the attack.
  • Devour:

    • Fenris’ Devour ability will now only transform characters into the Crazed Lycan. Crazed Lycan has also had its stats reduced.
  • Lycanthropy:

    • Fang of the Lycan will now only transform characters into the Alpha Werewolf, whose stats remain the highest in the game.
  • Battle Boost values:

    • Due to a change in the way Battle Boost damage is calculated, some damage values may have changed.

Progression Changes:

  • Castle & Item Upgrade timers have been removed entirely. Upgrading items and castle will now happen instantly!
  • Note: Any castles or items currently upgrading will still need to complete their upgrade timer, while all future upgrades will be instant.

  • Trophies are now awarded based upon the outcome of the battle. A Flawless Victory will yield the highest trophy gains with the amount decreasing for each fighter lost during battle. This should result in much more stable and less punishing trophy progression system.

  • The drop rate of items from Arena victories has been greatly increased.

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • The delay between using abilities has been drastically reduced. This will speed up battles, as battle operations on different devices will no longer need to be exactly in sync. However, as a result, players will no longer be able to see their opponent’s round timer in PvP battles.

  • Friend codes now work again! You will also notice that your friend code now changes. While we don’t fully understand why the codes need to change, our network engineer assures us that this is the way to do it...

  • AI opponents have improved intelligence and will make better decisions about targeting priority.

  • The reconnect screen (upon timeout) has been removed. If the game times out, you must now close the game and re-open it. The reconnect state was found to have been causing more issues than we realized. It may be redesigned and implemented in a future update.

  • Ability tooltips no longer close randomly. Also, tooltips for unavailable abilities can now be viewed.

  • The numbers displayed on ability descriptions and tooltips should no longer have any rounding discrepancies.

  • Banditron is now visible when he is frozen.

  • Stun animations now occur on visual impact, instead of when the ability is triggered.

  • The tutorial has been tweaked and streamlined, removing unnecessary slides and text.

  • In an attempt to speed up gameplay, the slow motion effect on KOs is now limited to the last KO of the battle rather than every KO. Character specific slow motion fx remain unchanged.

  • Fighters killed while in transformed state will now remain in transformed state until the status effect runs out.

  • Hundreds of other bug fixes and improvements. Too many to list!

Version 1.29 Patch Notes - Updated 29 October 2014

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • New battle music and map themes added.

  • The Leaderboard button has been moved back to the Main Menu, replacing the Daily Quest button. The Daily Quest menu can now be accessed from the “Quests” button on the Quick Menu.

  • Fixed a bug causing overlapping music themes in the Elite Challenge.

  • Server functionality has been optimized to increase overall performance.

  • A number of Facebook login and connection issues have been resolved, including a bug that would cause the game to crash when logging into Facebook on certain devices.

  • Fixed a bug that caused issues with new accounts adding friends with Friend Codes.

  • Fixed a bug in the Elite Challenge that caused players to not receive credit for KOs in a battle where their last remaining fighters also got knocked out and the Challenge ended. This could result in players reaching a higher rank, but receiving rewards for the previous rank. Players should now always receive the correct rewards.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the chest to remain permanently in the battle scene when devices timed-out on the battle tally screen.

  • Due to a random targeting bug, Brute/Mauler’s Fists of Fury ability has temporarily had its damage and stun chance reduced and random targeting removed until the issue can be resolved.

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in some players display names not being saved on iOS devices.

  • Added improved tap sensitivity on iOS devices.

  • Fixed several UI bugs.

Version 1.28 Patch Notes - Updated 13 October 2014

New Features:

  • Sudden Death mode!

    • Any battle (excluding Boss fights) that reaches Round 30 will enter Sudden Death, at which point all damage output is doubled. Healing and shield values will remain the same.
  • Battle Packs

    • The Battle Shop has been updated to include Battle Packs, with each pack containing battle boosts, item crates, and a unique flag. In addition, the Starter Pack contains Orbs, the Rat Pack includes the new fighter Fat Rat, and the Master Pack gives you the skills of the Dragon Cyborg! See below for information on these 2 new fighters!

New Fighters:

  • Goblin Guard

    • Ability 1: Guard Shield
    • NOTE: The ability Guard Shield no longer increases capacity when it evolves; instead it provides a chance to Cleanse the target ally.
    • Ability 2: Shocker - deals moderate damage for 4 AP. The AP cost of this ability is reduced by 1 for every shielded ally. Shocker II gains a Dispel chance.
    • Trait: Guardian
  • Fat Rat

    • Ability 1: Shimmy - a zero cost no damage taunt that gains Expose when evolved.
    • Ability 2: Dizzying Blow - a high cost high damage ability with a chance to Slow target. Slow chance is 100% when evolved.
    • Trait: Hoard
  • Dragon Cyborg

    • Ability 1: Subjugate - AoE damage attack that gains Weaken when evolved.
    • Ability 2: Onslaught - Single target damage attack that gains Execute when evolved.
    • Trait: Reanimate

Fighter & Ability changes:

  • Blacksmith:

    • Vital Hammer had its base damage increased and its self-heal removed. Vital Hammer II now applies Injury damage to its target.
  • Goblin Warrior:

    • Slash has been replaced with Vicious Strike. Vicious Strike is a 1 AP ability with slightly reduced damage output compared to Slash, but also gives self 1 Combo point with each attack. Vicious Strike II has the chance to provide an additional Combo point.
    • Shiv had its Stun chance removed and its AP cost reduced from 3 to 1. Shiv now applies a base Poison amount that increases based on Combo stacks. Shiv II increases Poison damage per round.
  • Brute:

    • Bash has been replaced with Angry Bash. Angry Bash deals the same base damage as Bash, and also gives self & target 1 Enrage stack. Angry Bash II gives self 1 Enrage stack, but does not Enrage the target.
    • Assault has been replaced with Fists of Fury. Fists of Fury deals high damage to a random single target with a good chance to Stun.
    • Enrage has been replaced with Berserker. Berserker doubles the effect of any Enrage stack. Berserker II has the chance to apply an Enrage stack when attacked.
  • Stone Warlock:

    • Tempest had its damage reduced slightly, its Dispel chance removed and its AP cost reduced from 5 to 4. Dispel chance is gained on Tempest II.
    • Stone Spikes had its base damage reflection increased from 35% to 60%. Stone Spikes II now has the chance to add the effect “Trap,” which adds 1 stack of Slow to any attacker.
  • Robo-Knight:

    • Sunder has been replaced with Crippling Blow. Crippling Blow has increased base damage compared to Sunder, for the same cost. Crippling Blow II applies 1 stack of Slow if the target is Injured.
    • Momentum has been replaced with Bloodlust.
  • Swordsman:

    • Impale has been replaced with Flipkick. Flipkick has increased damage for 3 AP, but no stun chance. Using this ability has the chance to give self 1 Parry stack. Parry provides an additional Evade chance for each stack, until the next Evade occurs. Flipkick II provides 100% chance to give self 1 Parry stack.
  • Banditron

    • Shiv has been replaced with Shred. Shred deals increased damage and Exposes enemy target for 3 AP.
  • Faceless Knight

    • Has received a visual update with some revised animations & effects.
    • Overpower has been replaced with Damnation. Damnation is a no damage attack that costs 6 AP. Target enemy receives the status effect Doom, instantly KOing the target when the Doom effect expires after 5 rounds.
    • Momentum has been replaced with Necromancy. Whenever this character KOs an enemy, he revives a random ally.
  • Priestess

    • Has received a visual update with some revised animations & effects.
  • The Melt Armor ability had its Expose effect reduced.

  • Guard Bot

    • Guard Bot has retired from combat. While he will never be replaced in our hearts, the boundless energy of his substitute, Goblin Guard, does start to make up for it. So splash a little drink on the floor, as we say goodbye… We’ll never forget you, Guard Bot!

Progression Changes:

  • Several progression changes have been implemented to provide a more enjoyable campaign experience for all players.

  • Missions are now replayable for rewards!

    • The reward for replaying a mission is now scaled based on the team you select for the mission. The closer your team’s level is to the mission level the higher the replay reward will be.
  • Currency allocations have been re-balanced to improve player experience.

    • Fighter Training costs have been reduced.
    • Castle Upgrade costs have been reduced.
    • Gold received from high level chests and loot bags have been reduced.
    • The amount of orbs required for fighters to reach levels 30-50 has been reduced.
  • Goblin Warrior now unlocks at Castle 3, and Goblin Guard unlocks at Castle 4.

Miscellaneous Notes & Bug Fixes:

  • Shroud & Shield changes:

    • To help improve clarity, the Shield and Shroud status effects have undergone some visual changes. Shroud (which makes a fighter untargetable) now places a smoky transparent effect on its target. The yellow shields formerly used for Shroud are now the visual effect for Shield (which absorbs damage).
    • The Protect Battle Boost has been renamed Shroud.
    • The Forcefield Battle Boost has been renamed Shield.
  • Squashed several pesky bugs. They will not be missed. Unlike poor Guard Bot…QQ

Version 1.26-7 Patch Notes - Updated 19 August 2014

New Features:

  • We welcome our new Apple users to the Mayhem! Support for iOS devices is now available!

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented items earned in the Elite Challenge from showing up in the Workshop until after a client reset.
  • An assortment of other bugs were also resolved.

Version 1.24 Patch Notes - Updated 14 August 2014

New Game Mode!

  • Elite Tournament Challenge:
    • Draft a team of the most powerful fighters in the Realm!
    • Play with a selection of rare items & Battle Boosts!
    • Enter the Colosseum and battle to the death!
    • Climb the ranks to earn awesome rewards!

Miscellaneous Improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • Provoke feedback has been revamped with improved visuals.

    • When a fighter is Provoked, instead of using Xs over their heads, enemies that that cannot be attacked will appear transparent.
  • All character icons have been redesigned to make evolutions more distinct (and color-blind friendly).

  • The button layouts on some menus have been updated

    • Daily Quest has been added to Main Menu and Quick Menu.
    • Workshop has been removed from Quick Menu.
    • Workshop & Barracks buttons have been added to Barracks & Workshop, respectively, to allow players to quickly switch between the two menus. Tapping on the Barracks on the Main Menu or Quick Menu will open up whichever was viewed most recently, Barracks or Workshop.
  • The amount of orbs found in chests has been increased.

  • A bug causing friend codes to not add friends has been fixed.

  • A bug related to the EMP Battle Boost that kept some players from entering battles has been fixed.

  • An assortment of other bugs has also been fixed.

Version 1.22 Patch Notes - Updated 28 July 2014

New Features:

  • Egad, Dragons!

    • A new World Event introduces 2 Elite dragons and 2 dragon fighters into Might & Mayhem!
    • New dragon event arena!
  • 5 New Mythic Items!

    • Each item has a unique character swapping ability!
    • Turn enemies into Chickens!
    • After knockouts, summon Ghost characters to assist your team!
    • After taking damage, chance to turn into the ultimate Werewolf or Dragon!

Game Updates:

  • If the game client’s connection to the server is lost during a battle, any fighters remaining upright will not need to be re-trained. This fix should also prevent having to re-train fighters if one player disconnects during a duel. However, any fighters that are knocked out prior to a disconnect will need to be retrained.

  • Several changes have been made to Items / Equipment:

    • 20+ new items have been added to replace existing items, and as a whole, almost all item upgrade chains have been revised. These are primarily cosmetic changes. From an equipment standpoint, the battle effects of any equipped items will not be affected. However...
    • The evolve items for most fighter evolutions have changed. The major reason for this item update was to improve the clarity of item upgrade chains, but it was also the best opportunity to revise fighter evolve items. The changes add more consistency to what is required at each evolution level, while also making each evolve sequence more relevant to the individual characters’ abilities and/or visual style.
    • All fighters now require 1 Legendary item to reach their elite evolution.
    • Raw Items are now called Common Items.
  • The schedule for World Events has been updated to add an additional off day between each event. World Events will continue running for 3 days, but will will now have 3 off days in between, instead of only 2.

  • The “Wounded” status effect is now called “Injured.”

Game Balance:

  • Some major changes have been implemented that change how many status effects work:

    • Status effects that apply damage, heals, and shields will continue to be based off of a character’s current-offense (base-offense affected by ie. Enrage, Buff, or Weaken). All other status effect calculations will now be based off a character’s base-offense. For example, when the ability Bandit Blitz applies the Injured status effect, the amount of Injury applied will not change if the attacker has either the Buff or Weaken status effect. Any Buffs or Weakens would however still affect the amount of damage dealt by the ability. Note: these base-offense status effect changes apply strictly to individual abilities that apply status effects, for example, Bash II w/ Expose, Bandit Blitz w/ Injure, and Sunder w/ Weaken. Any item-specific effects that derive their value based on a percentage of damage will continue to be based on current-offense.
    • The round/turn counter for all timed status effects will now reduce each round. While this change does affect all status effects, one clear result will be that now all Poison effects will last half as long as they did in previous versions. As a whole this makes the presentation of all status effect durations more clear and understandable.
    • The values applied by status effects will no longer stack if the effect is applied by the same character. Instead, status effects will inherit the highest values of the effect. This change will most directly affect status effects applied by items. For example, consider a Lancer equipped with the Inferno Gauntlet item attacking the same target with both abilites. The Injured effects would not combine. Instead the Injured status effect applied by Quick Attack would be overwritten with increased Injured damage after the higher damage Impale attack.
    • Status effects applied by 2 different characters, however, will stack and combine values. For example, consider an initial Poison attack that applies a Poison status effect with 20 damage over 4 rounds. If 2 rounds later a 2nd attacker poisons the same target for 30 damage over 4 rounds, the Poison status effect will display 50 damage and 4 rounds. If no more Poison attacks occur on that target, after 2 rounds the status effect will display 30 damage / 2 rounds.
    • If multiple items are equipped on a character, the status effect values will combine when applied. Subsequent attacks from the same attacker will reset the round counter, but will not increase the calculated values.
    • Status effect values will not stack when applied by the same item. However, when considering 2 individual characters each with the Nature’s Fury item equipped, poison damage will stack on the same target.
  • Reduced the critical damage coefficient on the Backhand II & Shield Bash II abilities, after they were raised accidentally when balancing critical damages in Update 1.20.

  • Increased the damage coefficient of Assault.

  • Increased the damage coefficient of Cloaking Daggers.

  • Reduced the damage coefficients of Fireball, Frenzy, and Devour.

  • Reduced maximum Buff stacks from 5 to 3 (affects Howl, Duststorm)

  • In addition to its current damage, the Tornado battle boost now Slows all enemies.

  • The battle boosts Noxious Glob & Crystal Reign had their potency greatly increased.

  • Reduced the AP cost of the Stun Battle Boost.

  • Increased the Healing power of the Heal battle boost.

Miscellaneous Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Optimized performance of battle HUD, specifically a fix to prevent stuttering after knocking out an opponent or winning.

  • Getting double or triple knockouts with a single attack will now be rewarded with unique UI flare!

  • A new character shader has been implemented to improve the visual presentation of fighters in battles and in the barracks.

Version 1.21 Patch Notes - Updated 13 June 2014

Game Updates:

  • Specific Castle levels are now required to craft rare items. Players must reach:
    • Castle 3 to craft Superior items
    • Castle 6 to craft Artifact items
    • Castle 9 to craft Legendary items
  • The 'Bitten' Status Effect can now transform characters into the Crazed Lycan, in additon to the Werewolf.
  • Freeze will now last until the beginning of the frozen characters next round.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Event Chests so they now include items and provide increased rewards.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Bloodlust trait to become extremely overpowered.
  • Fixed a bug on the Guardian trait that caused the game client to sometimes display multiple lootbags on KOs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Event flags not to display on event teams during battles.
  • Fixed a bug with Daily Quests that was causing players to sometimes disconnect at login.

Version 1.20 Patch Notes - Updated 10 June 2014

New Features:

World Events!

  • World Events have been added!
    • Werewolves, Orcs, and Robots threaten… the Realm needs your help!
    • Defeat event enemies to earn special rewards and unlock new fighters!
    • 10 new characters now available!!
    • More than 15 unique new abilities!
    • 3 new event arenas!
    • 3 new super-powered event Battle Boosts!
    • More World Events coming soon!

Daily Quests!

  • A new Daily Quest system has been added!
    • Complete quests daily to earn awesome rewards!

Mythic Items!

  • 5 new Mythic Items added! More coming soon!
  • Mythic Items have powerful abilties with unique visual effects!
    • Create mystery and intrigue!
    • Doom your opponents!
    • Freeze enemies!
    • Turn your fighters to stone!
    • Shrink your targets!
Premium Crates!
  • Open Premium Crates to find Mythic Items!
    • Premium Crates guarantee an item quality of Superior or better!
Gift Chests!
  • Now you can give your friends the gift of booty!
New Skin!
  • New Shadow skin available for all fighters!
    • Visit the Barracks to customize your fighters.

Game Balance:

  • Critical damage numbers have been rebalanced. Low cost critical chance abilities remain more efficient, while higher cost critical chance abilities guarantee more base damage.
  • The ability Mark of Light had its base heal coefficient reduced, and its base cost reduced from 2 AP to 1 AP.
  • The ability Fireball had its base cost increased from 1 AP to 2 AP. This is a result of a tweak to how the Rampage (consume AP to increase damage) ability effect functions.
  • All damage-based Battle Boosts had their damage coefficient increased.
  • The Unstoppable trait now also resists transform abilities, freezes and sleeps. These changes also apply to all Unstoppable items.
  • Standard Item Crates no longer include Legendary Items.
  • Arena Quest has been replaced with Daily Quest.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Several fixes have been implemented to fix potential disconnect issues. Additionally fighters should not need to be trained/revived if a disconnect occurs during loading or anytime prior to battle start.
  • This update also includes a wide-ranging variety of miscellaneous bug fixes. What? No Way! Indeed it is true.

Version 1.19 Patch Notes - Updated 02 May 2014

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous changes:

  • Redesigned how the game handles certain packet systems to help resolve different types of disconnects in PvP battles.
  • Added UI in battles to communicate that an opposing player is having connection issues.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause sluggish menu behavior in the Workshop.
  • Adjusted how the Workshop menu refocuses after recycling an Item.
  • Adjusted scaling of Trophies in Arena Battles to help improve the experience for existing players.
  • Added effects to better distinguish Elite fighters.
  • Increased health of both The Urmuk & King Dragon to offset the health increases given to fighter evolutions in Update 1.17.
  • Reduced the maximum level of AI teams in Arena Quest Battles.
  • Reduced the AP cost of the Gnash ability from 5 to 4 to bring it more in line with similar abilities.

Version 1.17/1.18 Patch Notes - Updated 24 April 2014

New Features:

Two new characters, Shield Keeper and Priestess have been added to the game!
  • New players can now choose their starting team!
    • Choose your Tank: Knight Errant or Shield Keeper?
    • Choose your Attacker: Bandit Girl or Swordsman?
    • Choose your Healer: Sorcerer or Priestess?
    • The fighters that players do not select will unlock at Castle 7. Existing players who have already reached Castle 7 will be able to unlock the new fighters in the Barracks. Existing players who have not reached Castle 7 must do so to unlock the new characters.
Gold now has a maximum storage cap based on Castle level.
  • Gold can now be purchased based on a percentage of gold storage instead of in static amounts.
Castle 9 is now available!
  • With the new fighters added, the Castle unlocks for most troops have also been adjusted. Any fighters or Castles previously acquired will remain in players’ accounts. Also, any fighter that can be unlocked via the Castle can now be viewed in the barracks, even if the Castle requirement has not yet been reached.
  • IMPORTANT: Players who have both reached Castle 8 and own more than 2,250,000 Gold should begin upgrading to Castle 9 immediately after launching the game to avoid hitting the gold storage cap and losing gold.
Character Skins have been added!
  • Customize your characters’ looks in the barracks. New skins coming soon!
  • As part of this feature update, the black and red textures previously seen on Elites have been removed.
Animated emoticons have been added to Arena Battles and Duels!
  • Show your friends your angry face!
The Leaderboard has been enabled!
  • Trophy counts are also now being tracked correctly.
  • NOTE: Any player account with over 2100 Trophies will have its Trophy count set to 2100.
Locked chests will now occasionally appear on maps.
  • Locked chests always include a Battle Boost and an Item ranked Superior or better!
The training times for all troops have been reduced.
  • Fighters can battle more!
The Global Messaging System has been implemented.
  • This allows the dev team to send real-time news and updates to the active player base.

Game Balance:

The 20% health boost to all characters has been removed.
  • Fighters will now gain more health with each evolution.
  • When compared to their original stat allotments, Evo II fighters now gain an additional 10% health, Evo III fighters gain an additional 20% health, and Elite fighters gain an additional 30% health.
  • Offense increases at each evolution will remain at their original levels.
  • These changes should keep battles quick for intro players, while preventing early-round devastation for late game players.
Players can no longer equip multiples of the same Item on a single fighter.
  • This change has been implemented to help avoid current and future balance problems.
  • NOTE: Any fighter currently equipping duplicate Items will not be affected, and will keep their current itemization.
The difficulties of all Map missions have been adjusted
  • The difficulty of zones 1-3 has been decreased, while the difficulty of zones 4-6 has been increased.
  • In addition, the difficulty of all Heroic and Champion missions has been increased, as each character will gain an evolution from the previous difficulty level.
The starting level for all team characters is now set to level 5.
  • This change should make the early campaign missions easier.
Character & Ability changes

All Wounded status effects now last only 1 turn.

Enrage had its maximum number of stacks reduced from 5 to 3.

Timed status effects will no longer stack. For example, if a new Poison is applied on top of an existing Poison status effect, the effect will inherit the higher values for both damage output and duration. Untimed status effects like Weaken & Enrage will combine and stack to their limit.

Blacksmith had his base stat modifiers adjusted, slighting reducing his offense while slightly increasing his health.

Bandit Blitz had its damage increased.

Super Slice had its Wounded effect increased.

Bad Medicine had its healing increased and poison decreased.

The Heal battle boost is now available at game start, and the unlocks for other battle boosts have been adjusted accordingly.

Several tweaks have been made to the AI in battles to make gameplay more realistic.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous changes:

Fixed a bug that did not remove Battle Boosts from players’ accounts after being spent in battle.

Fixed a bug that let players forfeit or disconnect to avoid having to train/revive KO’d troops.

Fixed a bug that was causing the Starstruck achievement to not track correctly.

Guard Bot had some cosmetic and narrative adjustments.

Player Flags and Trophy counts will now display in the Friends List.

Some tweaks were made to the Messages UI to make conversations readable.

The round timer in Duels and Arena Battles now provides a warning when time is running low.

Lots of new Game Tips have been added.

The map of The Realm has been updated, and The Realm map has a new button!

The scripted tutorial had some changes implemented, and new contextual slides have been added to several menus and events.

Version 1.16 Patch Notes - Updated 3 April 2014

New Feature:

Daily Quest has been redesigned as Arena Quest!

  • You can now earn special Item Crates by winning Arena matches.
  • Winning matches earns Item Medals. After collecting at least 3 Item Medals, you can redeem them for a crate.
  • Winning more matches increases the quality of Item you receive from crates, and increases opponent difficulty when matchmaking.
  • Artifact and Legendary Item Medals can be stolen by opponents when you lose, so be careful!
  • Collecting all medals of a specific type will guarantee that type of item from the crate!
  • Collect 7 Legendary Item Medals to guarantee a Legendary item from the Crate!
  • The Arena Quest is untimed. You can repeat it as often as you like, as many times as you want!

Bug Fixes:

  • Duel requests will now only display when appropriate.
  • Trophy counts can no longer be reduced below 0.
  • The Chat Tab will now properly update once the Chat Log is received from the server if already open.
  • The 'Flawless' Achievement now properly denotes it only counts Flawless Arena Victories.
  • The 'Star Struck' Achievment now properly updates when re-completing a previously completed achievment.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in purchased characters remaining black until re-selected.
  • Fixed an issue causing items to sometimes not appear out of chests.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in characters sometimes not entering a battle when selected, resulting in incomplete teams.
  • Resolved several syncing conflicts during battles which would result in battles not ending properly:
    • Items placing status effects on Characters will now properly share an Evade dice-roll if applicable.
    • The game will now properly wait for the player to end their turn if all of their characters are stunned but they still have a usable Battle Boost.
    • Fixed an issue resulting in game crashes sometimes when using certain character abilities in specific sequences.
Dark Archer
  • Sidewinder ability had its chance increased and damage reduced, putting Sidewinder on equal footing with other chance-based damage abilities.
  • Barrage ability had its damage coefficient reduced slightly, as it was higher than other similar abilities.
Bandit Girl:
  • Gutsy ability had its base damage increased and bonus damage reduced, putting Gutsy on equal footing with other chance-based damage abilities.

General / Game Balance:

  • Characters earn slightly more stats per level.
  • Increased health of all Characters at all levels and evolutions by 20%.
  • Increased the drop rate of items from chests awarded by Arena victories.
  • Added an 'Exit' button to the Quick Tab on the Main Menu and another in the Settings Menu.
  • You can now ignore other players in the Global Chat room by tapping on them and selecting 'Ignore User'.
  • You can also un-ignore users from the Social Menu's 'Ignored' tab.

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