NOT recommended for the faint of heart!

You're a daring intergalactic pilot, desperately trying to outmaneuver the ravenous pull of a plasma-fueled black hole. You'll weave, dodge, cuss, flip out, and roll around like you've never done in a video game before. And then you'll die. Often.

Please note: Kiz Studios will not compensate you for any phone or tablet crushed in a fit of rage while playing Wonky Ship.


  • FREE to download!

  • INSANE CHALLENGE - Outmaneuver a vicious, plasma-fueled black hole for as long as you can. Easy right?!

  • HIGH VELOCITY FUN - Jump in and play instantly. A game with NO learning curve or respect for your safety.

  • BEST YOUR FRIENDS - Earn points to score big and dominate the global leaderboard. Just stay alive!

  • DEMOLISH YOUR FOES - Invite up to two additional friends in Multiplayer Mode.

  • ZEN - Relax. Zone out. Embrace Wonky Ship like the half brother you never wanted.